Weighted Blanket Helps To Release Anxiety And For Better Sleeping

With the current tension increasing in the work and life environment, we often feel tired physically and mentally, followed by stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Lots of people may be used to having severe insomnia for a period of time and could not sleep all night. They say that the feeling of watching the sky brighter and brighter outside the window with my eyes open is really indescribable dispirited. Most have tried many devices and solutions, such as Herbal pillows, rubber pillows, spring mattresses, etc. There is still some help, but we recently discovered a "New World"---Weighted  blanket! The research shows it can relieve stress and help sleep. Is it so magical? Let's take a look together!

What is Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blanket is a kind of health support blanket designed according to the weight standard of 10% of the body weight. The weight is usually between 1.8kg and 11.3kg. Seeing this weight, it feels like its name says, the biggest feature of this blanket It is: Heavy! So it is also called Heavy Blanket. 

Weighted blankets use the principle of Deep Contact Pressure to stimulate the pressure points on the body, just like being hugged, relax the nervous system, reduce the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the cortex, increase melatonin, and reduce heart rate and blood pressure , So as to relax your nervous system, soothe your emotions, reduce your own stress, and get more efficient sleep. It has 7%-12% of a person's body weight, covering it, as if being hugged to sleep.

The concept of weighted blanket is not new, on the contrary, it has been used in medical treatment for several years.

Recently, many related studies have gradually appeared. Initially, scientists discovered that covering multiple blankets can reduce the symptoms of children with autism. It is a psychological reliance that reminds people of the warmth of covering multiple quilts on a cold night. This therapy is called "Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation Method".

The function and principle of the Weighted blanket. 

The weighted blanket uses a special filling process to make the weight sink naturally like flowing water. After the quilt is covered, every square centimeter of the body surface As if being pressed gently, as if being embraced by countless arms. According to some users who have used it, sleeping under its cover gives you the feeling of being hugged by your parents when you go back to the days of infants.

Choose different weights according to your body weight

You can choose according to your own weight and preferences!

The weight of the weighted blanket is almost twice that of our usual quilt! At the beginning, some users may need time to adjust due to the sudden change of the weight of the quilt. But this kind of quilt fits the body and has a feeling of being tightly wrapped around the body, which is very comfortable. Later, it will gradually adapt.

Of course, this blanket is not only used when sleeping, you can also cover yourself during work and leisure, and it can also effectively relax your body.

The filling material of the weighted blanket usually is high-density plastic pellets, which are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is an odorless, non-toxic food-grade filling material. They are dense and light with very good texture, it provides a good quality touch and comfort sense of feeling of a weighted blanket. Furthermore, the weighted blanket is made of breathable material, which is not too stuffy or too hot to guarantee the good sleeping experiences. 

Merry Life Weighted Blankets



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